Student Ministry

Ridgedale's Student Ministry exists to turn students into world changing followers of Christ.  We exist to develop 6th - 12th grade students to a level of spiritual maturity that they cannot achieve on their own.  As "iron sharpens iron" spiritual lives will flourish through the Bible studies and discipleship offered each week.  It is a critical time for students' spiritual lives throughout middle school and high school, and with the help of this student ministry, you can truly find the answers to overcome the challenges in this world.

youth in Action

We were not called to sit, but to serve.  Serving others is the way God imprints on our heart what we learn in small groups and discipleship.  We serve our church and community weekly.  We partner with the following: Ronald McDonald House, Atchley Veterans Home, Water Angels, Knox. County Office on Aging, and Ridgedale School.  Wednesday 6:20 - 8:00 pm

The ridge worship

We seek to build gospel maturity in our students through learning and studying the Word of God and living out Biblical community in small groups.  Our goal is to push students to grow into deeper relationship with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord.  Each Sunday at 6:00 pm, students have the opportunity to dive into Scripture-saturated groups during The Ridge Worship.

A family connected and engaged, seeking a strong, loving relationship with god, serving whole HEArTeDLY with the gifts given to us by jesus christ, and the knowledge given to us through God's word.

bible study

We challenge students to wrestle with the three most important questions they are asking in school:  

Who am I? Why am I Here? Who's with me? 

By allowing students to dive deep into the Scritpure and answer these questions for themselves we allow them to own their faith and discover what they actually believe.  Sunday Morning 9:30-10:30.

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