A pastor's vision

Likamba Integrity School (LIS) is a school born out of the vision of Pastor Elirehema, a Masai, Assemblies of God pastor who lives locally in the village. In just over a decade the school has grown to serve 247 students per year.

Likamba is a vast land area village with a population of 15,000+.  There is no running water or electricity.  The population is comprised of mostly women and children, many of whom are widows and orphans due to the devastating effects of disease and lack of employment opportunities.


Mark McGill Pastor Ridgedale Church and Elirehema Pastor Likamba

current project initiatives

1. Assist in the construction of the final block for two classrooms -Preschool age group - $40,000


2. Assist in the construction of new toilets according to Government mandate along with new playground equipment - $46,000

international partnership

Ridgedale Church in Knoxville, TN and The River of Life Church in Springfield, KY are partnering with OzLikamba (a group of churches and individuals in Australia) with a shared vision of developing LIS as a quality source of Education and Christian instruction.  Throughout the years, we have seen our students thrive in the upper percentages of national testing and go on to higher levels of learning, ultimately benefitting the community of Likamba.  Through LIS, we enjoy assisting with best farming practices, small business initiatives, and adult education.

  • Self-sustainability

    We are committed in all of the above initiatives to give a “hand up” rather than a “hand out.”  We find that the African Spirit takes great pride in owning and being responsible for progress.  We see regular progress with parental and community fee paying, serving, volunteering and ownership of the school as a central driver of progress in their lives.

  • project oversight

    All funds and management of the project are overseen by a career missionary, Lynda Stephenson, of the Joshua Foundation. Lynda, who is a native of New Zealand, brings extensive experience and expertise in training Christian teachers, administering Christian schools and overseeing community projects like ours. Her organization also brings expertise in building and maintenance. 

  • the best thing of all

    All of this comes to be through the Likamba Church and in the name of Jesus, and a wonderful friendship and partnership has developed between the Likamba community and the Western partners, one defined purely by serving Jesus together in bringing the Gospel to the Nations.

how you can be involved

  1. Volunteer to go there with us.
  2. Contribute financially through monthly sponsorship of the school or one-time donations.

The direction of all funds and implementation of projects, such as school buildings, maintenance, water cisterns, children’s restrooms, etc.., is directed by agreement between LIS School Board and Western partners.