Volunteer & employment

we are a team

There is no "them," there is only "us."  We avoid siloing.  When facing a problem, we gather those who can best help it get solved.  We assist each other and recognize that we are all part of the whole.

Reducing the Risk

All volunteers and employees are required to complete Reducing the Risk Training.  Reducing the Risk is our program to provide safe and reasonable protective care to all infants, preschoolers, children, youth, and special needs children attending any event at the church or any church-sponsored program or activity.  

Select the image below to complete the training.  Questions should be submitted to supervisor, team leader or ministry leader.

Initial Training - first time volunteers working with minors and all employees are required to complete

Procedure Manual - review and be familiar

Retraining - to be completed once every three year by those working with children and all paid employees

  • Initial Training

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  • Procedure manual

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  • Retraining

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people are valued

Every role at Ridgedale is valuable. There are no stars on our volunteer team or staff. 

Titles are descriptive of role not status.